Recession Impacted the UK Defence Exports despite Claims of No. 2 in 2008 [15 Jun 2009]  
In spite of claims of second place in the world on defense equipment export for 2008 and a 17 percent share of the global market, Britain’s defense exports fell marginally over the last five years’ av  ...More
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New Zealand Redundancy Protection Bill to Worry Businesses [09 Sep 2009]  
The Redundancy Protection Bill (RPB), the brainchild of the Labour MP Darien Fenton is likely to cause severe damage to several businesses, particularly SMEs while protecting the hapless workers who a  ...More
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China PMI at 13-month high, UK PMI slip signaling longer recession [04 May 2012]  
BEIJING/LONDON: China's official purchasing managers' index (PMI) rose to a 13-month high in April, signaling the economy has found a footing and may be recovering from a first-quarter trough, but sma  ...More
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Eurozone hurtling back into recession- Economists [17 Aug 2012]  
FRANKFURT: The eurozone is hurtling back into recession, economists declared this week after official figures portrayed a shrinking economy. But by some measures, the downturn has been under way for y  ...More
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Britain may see triple-dip recession: Minister [10 Dec 2012]  
LONDON: British business minister Vince Cable said Britain could fall back into recession for a third time since the 2008 financial crisis but expected the economy to stagger on with minimal growth....More
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