Rudd Roles Out State-owned Mega Plan to Tweak Broadband Speed [07 Apr 2009]  
Rudd's center-left Labor Government has decided to boost the country‚Äôs Broadband services by 100 times faster through establishing a public-private partnership company, in which the government will ho  ...More
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Govt implements measures to reduce export transaction costs [09 Feb 2011]  
The government has implemented some significant measures to reduce transaction costs for exporters - a move based on the report of a task force formed to look after the issue exclusively.

Union  ...More
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Service Trumps Price in Asia [07 Oct 2013]  
The stereotypical representation of a typical Asian- an individual, who lives a minimalistic existence, is very concerned about the bare iota of spending and thinks highly of strategic investments. Ma  ...More
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