Over 40% of SMEs with websites use the Internet for advertising [16 Mar 2011]  
Indian SMEs are reaping the benefits of using the Internet medium to grow their businesses. This was revealed by a study conducted by Google India to understand usage patterns and importance of online  ...More
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Samsung concentrates on B2B market [13 Feb 2012]  
Samsung is targeting the 30-billion-baht business-to-business market (B2B) with the merger of its corporate product teams into a single unit.

The scheme aims to enlarge the percentage of income  ...More
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B2B Marketers Struggle to Connect Campaign Strategies to Target Audiences [07 Jan 2013]  
According to a study from Demandbase, B2B marketers cite a limited understanding of target audiences and restricted budgets as the primary challenges to creating successful marketing campaigns. The st  ...More
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B2B Marketers Widely Using Digital Channels for Lead Generation [15 Jan 2013]  
B2B marketers are proving the digital age has arrived, with the majority of marketing channels being used falling into the digital realm. This is according to Software Advice‚Äôs 2012 B2B Demand Generat  ...More
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5 Key Preparation Steps in B2B Link Building Outreach [11 Feb 2013]  
If you have ever been in an environment where sales and customer communication comes at you at a rapid pace (think call center, inside sales, etc) than you understand how important product or solution  ...More
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Secrets of Social Success for B2B Companies - [08 Apr 2013]  
With 750,000 Twitter followers and social network presences on everything from Pinterest to China's Weibo, CME Group shatters the notion that b2b companies in regulated industries can't use social med  ...More
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B2B marketers can now Tweet with intent [22 Apr 2013]  
Twitter has launched promoted Tweets keyword targeting in timeline, via ONE Media Manager's Twitter API edition. This will assist clients who want to sell products, services and apps on Twitter.
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Five Ways to Target B2B Effectively [06 May 2013]  
Lately there has been talk in the trade press about the difficulty of applying the targeting techniques used for consumer advertising to B2B. One in particular that caught our attention was Al Urbansk  ...More
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