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Japan to Open Doors for Food Products from Ukraine

tradenews The representatives of the Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture have claimed that the recent meeting with a delegation from Japan had almost struck a deal to engage more through agricultural trade between both countries. The Ukrainian team said that the country was in a position to provide quality food items as it maintained international standards in food production.

Though Japan has some concerns over the quality of the food products from Ukraine, the ministry believes standard inspection procedures could be able to resolve this issue. Ministry stated that the Japanese side had shown keen interest in reviving economic ties in both agricultural and food sector.

According to the Japanese Embassy in Ukraine, the exports from Japan in 2007 stood at about $1.4bn, it was just around $243mn a decade ago. On the other hand, the Japanese imports remained stagnant or crimped during the same period at about a modest $80mn.

Japan’s exports soared largely due to Ukraine’s appetite for Japanese vehicles, and other items included, electronic and electrical products. About 85 percent of Japan’s imports comprised of aluminum and aluminum products, chemical products and ferrous metals. Milk powder at about $20mn was the only noticeable food product that reached the Japanese markets from Ukraine last year.

Hardly 15 percent of arable land is available in Japan to feed a population of close to 130mn people, Japan is heavily reliant on the imports of agricultural and food products. Japan is self-sufficient only in sea foods, and large quantities of soy, wheat, corn, meat and meat products, as well as other food products, including vegetables and fruits are imported. The agriculture ministry of Ukraine has confirmed that Tokyo was planning to send food experts to inspect and ensure the safety of the food products of the country.

By Jose Roy

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