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Iran Attacks US for Colluding with Afghan Narcotic Trade

tradenews At separate occasions, top Iranian officials lashed out at the US for being part of narcotic trade in Afghanistan in the garb of war on terror. Deputy Head of the Iranian Judiciary Ebrahim Raeesi and Ali Larijani Irans Parliament Speaker accused the US and NATO for the manifold increase in narcotic production and trade than it was during the Taliban regime.

The FNA reported - Raeesi at a conference of the anti-drug police chiefs said Today, the drug movements and networks are controlled by the Americans and the hegemonic system and Afghans are acting as their agents. While Larijani informed that In 2001(before the US invasion), 2,000 tons of drugs were being produced in Afghanistan, while today the figure has reached 8,000 tons despite the US officials remarks about the fight against drug production.

The Iranian officials comments were substantiation to Chief of the Russian Federal Drug Control Service (FDCS), Viktor Ivanovs statement on the same issue. Ivanov had said earlier growth in drug production in Afghanistan had caused instability for countries and boosted crime in the region - meaning that the NATO, particularly the US, had deployed its troops in Afghanistan for other purposes than the publicized goals.

According to the Iranian police officials, the drug production in Afghanistan has undergone a 40-fold increase since the US-led invasion of the country in 2001. Iran has spent billions and lost thousands of its police troops in the war against drug traffickers as via 900km (560-mile) common border with Afghanistan, Iran has been used as the main conduit for smuggling narcotics to dealers in Europe.

The narcotic drug menace is also affecting the youth in Russia and Europe owing to the unbridled drug trade growth in recent years. Weeks ago, Nikolai Kaptashov of the Russian Drug Control Agency said the steady flow of narcotics from Afghanistan was making the situation in Russia and Europe worse, and about 30 to 40 thousand Russians, mainly young boys and girls died annuallyfrom the abuse of Afghan illegal heroin.

The UN in its 2010 report stated Afghanistan continued to account for 90 percent of the worlds illicit opium and heroin production. Iran has reacted strongly this time to US action in Afghanistan as the country is the most affected by the drug trade, and it contributes $50mn annually to anti-narcotics efforts with 85 percent of the worlds total opium seizures.

Late in May, the UN Secretary Generals Special Envoy to Afghanistan Staffan de Mistura had praised Irans role in fighting drug plantation, production and trafficking.The drug trade originating in Afghanistan has claimed the lives of more than 3,000 Iranian police officers over the past 30 years.

By Jose Roy

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