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A Step in the Right Direction- US to pull the reins on Global Arms Trade

tradenews Maybe, the continued instance of gun violence in the United States has had its effect, finally. The US is all set to sign an influential global treaty that will directly regulate its lucrative USD 80 Billion annual business in conventional arms and ammunition. The Secretary of State’s office justifies this move as a conscious check to avoid the misuse of easily available arms- especially in extreme cases such as war crimes and genocide. The United Nations has played a major part in the drafting of this treaty, a controversial document that has spent years on the drawing board, and only recently finding positive favour with the people involved.

Not everything is as positive as it seems though. The powerful US arms lobby has publically made its displeasure known; terming the treaty a direct threat to a US citizen’s sovereign right to bear arms within the US borders. However, Secretary of State John Kerry has allayed all such concerns, calling this agreement a bold initiative, that wouldn’t infringe the Second Amendment right to bear arms. The treaty will directly influence all trade involving conventional to heavy arms and ammunition, including small arms, grenades, missiles, armoured combat vehicles, tanks, combat aircrafts etc.

Designed as a leash on the massively influential weapons industry, particularly in the US-the world’s largest arms manufacturer, this treaty is the first of its kind since the 1996 Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT). The treaty is expected to improve the way nations’ trade in arms- proofing the process against malicious intent and enhancing a sense of global security. Effectively, the entry of the US puts a mark of legitimacy on this pact and inspires other countries to implement an arms control system that is in line with the one currently practised in the US. However, the domestic issue with gun violence in the US is also touted as an express reason why the US Congress will want to ratify this bill when it comes up for discussion. Thankfully, this will also influence other heinous crimes around the world that hinge on the unrestricted availability and usage of arms and ammunition.

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