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Company Summary:

  • Since 2009
  • 1-5 Employees
  • Turnover 1,00,000.00 USD per year
  • Limited Partnership

Additional Contacts:

Export Department
Emil Mihaylov
Phone: +359 - /+359 - 8991715700
Fax: +359 -

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Company Address:

5 Gen. Edward Totleben blvd.
Bulgaria, 1606
Web Page Link: https://www.toboc.com/grainis
Company Registration Number: BG201749079

About Us

Grainis ltd. is a Bulgarian Research and Development company, working since 2006 on production of low-cost Hydrogen and Oxy-Hydrogen Gas Fuels as SOH and MOH (similar to Ohmasa Gas), by our originally invented method for Modified, Low-Power (0.4Wh/L/SOH, 1.2Wh/L/H2) Water Electrolysis, perfect for fueling all kinds of vehicles, power generators, ships, planes, rockets, also steam boilers and furnaces.
Regular SOH Gas-Generators are being serially produced for the last 20 years, by many firms around the globe .
Modified OH (MOH) Gas is our high-effective upgrade of the Ohmasa Gas, patented in 2011. MOH Gas is Modified Oxy-Hydrogen (MOH) gas, being produced by our modified, power-economic (0.4Wh/L) Water Electrolysis method, applying additional Ultrasonic vibroacoustic and else electrolyte's activation.  
MOH gas is the ideal universal Fuel and Energy Storage - 100% clean and renewable, dense, cheap, compact, lightweight, easy and safe for production and handle. 
It can be safely compressed up to 200 bar and more, liquefied at -178deg.C/1bar, filled in CNG/LNG bottles/tanks and burned as a single fuel, or mixed, in existing gasoline/diesel engines, gas turbines, jet/rocket engines and various burners. 
It is low-explosive, cannot be ignited by a spark. 

MOH's flame can heat, melt and boil-up UHTC materials up to ultrahigh temperatures as 5,500 deg.C and more, which enormous heat can be used in welding machines, ovens, furnaces, boilers, heaters, waste/toxic/nuclear incinerators, etc.
Applying both methods invented - the low-power (0.4Wh/L) water-electrolysis method, plus the high-temp (5,500 deg.C) method, allows autonomous MOH Power Plants for low-cost gas and power/heat-energy generation to be designed. The only Fuel these Plants will consume, is Water - 100% recyclable. The only Waste is Water too.
A 100% Clean and Renewable energy process.
Combined with a Hydrogen Fuel Cell, or a Seebeck's TEG system, a compact Electric Car powertrain can be designed, for powering all kinds of vehicles, gensets, etc. engines.
Independent, Personal MOH Power Plants for off-grid, water-fueled production of low-cost Power, Heat, Gas Fuel and Cold Fluids, can be deployed everywhere, just in the backyard of a house, factory, farm, desert, ocean, in the middle of nowhere, producing non-stop clean energy on demand, without any need of pipelines, cable lines, transformer stations, etc. heavy equipment. SOH Plant doesn't need large land for installation, neither sun or wind power; it is easy and cheap for production, shipping, installation and maintenance. It can be also mounted on-board larger ships or platforms, producing gas fuel directly out of the seawater, replacing polluting diesel fuel and tanks at all. Compressed or liquefied MOH can be also used for simple onboard Pure Hydrogen extraction for supplying Hydrogen Fuel Cells for onboard power generation and driving electric propulsion engines. Hydrogen produced could be also used as the best lifting power fluid, by filling in modular, safe, thin-wall containers for lifting up airships and large geostationary Stratospheric Airship Satellite Platforms - (www.solargas.alle.bg/hydrogen-airship).
Our technology can solve the heavy climate and pollution problems. It can be used as a base for lots of global economic projects, creating new environmentally friendly businesses with thousands of new jobs, and entire new prosperous economies in poor, remote, rural regions of our planet.