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Addnew Hydropower Limited

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  • Since 1958

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Export Department
Xiao Bella

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RM503,Building 8,Rongke SanWanyingchi 484 Shaoshan Road, Changsha,Hunan Province,China
Changsha, Hunan
China, 410007
Web Page Link: http://www.toboc.com/addnewhydropowerlimited756411


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Kaplan Hydro Turbines-water turbine   

Runner diameters: 0.6-3mSuitable water head: H=3-30mCapacity of the generator unit: 160-20000kwThe speed range of the turbine: 60-750rpm* The propeller type is with a vertical axle and fixed runner, blade angle can not be changed during operation mode, the efficiency curve is steep and this type is


Francis Type Turbine-water turbine from ADDNEW   

Runner diameters: 0.35-2.5mSuitable water head: H=10-300mCapacity of the generator unit: 160-20000kwThe speed range of the turbine: 150-1000rpm* Excellent peak efficiency. * High efficiency also at partial water flow down to about 50 Percent. * 2 or 4 bearing gen-set arrangements. * Bearings rated f


Pelton Hydro Turbine-water turbine   

Suitable water head: H=100-1000mSuitable flow: Q=0.13-5.81m3/sCapacity of the generator unit: 200-20000kwThe speed range of the turbine: 250-1000rpm* It is divided into vertical type and horizontal type two kinds. Horizontal type each has 1-2 runner, each runner has 1-2 nozzle, vertical type each ha


Tubular Hydro Turbine-water turbine-generator set   

runner diameters: 0.8-3.3msuitable water head: h=2-30msuitable flow: q=1.62-53.6m3/scapacity of the generator unit: 35-8700kw* it has large overflowing, good flow characteristic and high efficiency etc. merits. * the runners are fixed or can adjust manual the efficient turbine of this kind can produ


Inclined Jet Hydro turbine-water turbine   

Suitable water head: H=40-300mSuitable flow: Q=0.35-1.166m3/sCapacity of the generator unit: 100-1250kwThe speed range of the turbine: 600-1000rpm* Its nozzle has a 22.5 176angle with the runner rotation surface.* The runner is heavily pushed by water from pressure pipe that is switched to high spe


Diagonal type Turbine   

Water head: 20 ~ 200 mThey have Deriaz type and fixed blade of Deriaz type.Cavitation coefficient is small, high efficiency, and simple blade shape, Its structure and performance characteristics is similar with Kaplan turbine.The tilt blade structure is particularly complex, high processing requirem


Cross-flow type Turbine   

Water head: 5 ~ 100 mFlow: 0.01 ~ 10 m3/sInstalled capacity: gt1000KWSuitable for small capacity of hydropower station in countryside.Disadvantages:Low efficiencyBlade of intensity is difference


Horizontal Type Generators-water turbine   

Horizontal type Generator is consists of stator, rotor, bearing, cooling system and brake system, etc..The generator and turbine is share one shaft and its structure is 2 points for shaft and its structure is 2 points for support.


Vertical type Generators-water turbine-generator   

Vertical type Generator is consists of stator, rotor, upper and lower frame, oil, gas and water system, etc..The generator and turbine are connected with one shaft.


Intelligent Power Distribution Automation System   

[ Product #: Automation system]

Main features* Widely open, layered distribution structure* Convenient networking, high reliability* Widely open, full configuration background system* Strong data processing ability* System modularization and structuralizationMain functions* Electricity “four remote” functions* Data acquisition and


water turbine-Pelton type from ADDNEW   

The Pelton type turbine is usually the preferred turbine for hydropower, when the available water source has relatively high hydraulic head at low flow rates, where the Pelton wheel is most efficient. They have the advantages such as compact structure, small size, high efficiency, low operation main


water turbine-Francis type from addnew   

Francis turbines can be designed for a wide range of heads and flows and are the most common water turbine in use today. The Francis turbine has the characteristics of simple structure, small size, low cost, high efficiency at full capacity (typically over 90 Percent), stable in running, applicable


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